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Aquire new customers for your cannabis business with leafhead’s geo-fencing technology. Geo-Fencing is the most advanced location based targeting available. Give your cannabis business an advantage over the competition.

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What is Geo-Fence Advertising Anyway?


Just as it sounds, Geo-Fencing allows you to draw a virtual fence exactly around the physical place where your target customers are located. When a person with the GPS enabled on their mobile phone enters your virtual fence you will start targeting them with banner ads.

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It’s time to GET VISIBLE and shift cannabis advertising into highgear. leafhead provides you with a team of experts focused entirely on your business and cannabis advertising strategy. We are not here to make you into another icon on a map that other guys think is important to your cannabis business. We develop a strategy focused on what matters to you, whether you’re a hemp, medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, or auxiliary cannabis business.

With limited ways to advertise your cannabis business it can be difficult to stay in the game. leafhead levels the playing field helping you GET VISIBLE on any mobile or desktop device in the world!

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In order to run effective campaign focused on the cannabis industry, it’s essential to have in-depth tracking. From the first click to conversion, the leafhead team of can capture every interaction with your customer’s journey to maximize optimization potential.


One of the great advantages of advertising with leafhead is the ability to target the cannabis demographic with precision. With years of experience, the leafhead team can tell you which targeting options are optimal and how that audience will perform in generating conversions for your cannabis business.


It’s the leafhead commitment to be completely open and transparent through clear reporting. You get analytical reporting every 30 days to see how your camapigns are performing. Our number one focus is on your success, because we know we don’t succeed after you do.

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