Cannabis Strains to Look for in 2016

Cannabis Strains to Look for in 2016

Marijuana Strains furnished from the Cannabis family are one of the oldest and strongest strains familiar to mankind. According to recent statistics of 2015 and demonstrations Leafhead_Marijuana_Strains_Cannabis_strains_medical_marijuanaperformed by various medical associations worldwide, botanist admitted cannabis as medicine. This medicine indexed curing illness including suitable effects for anxiety, asthma, headache, depression, and life threatening diseases like cancer, epilepsy and in some cases ALS.

How would you choose, which crop provides the high-quality yield you desire? Here we are introducing some latest eye catching results of strains, proved useful for mankind!

Marijuana strains:

These strains are highly endorsed for medical illness, for instance, anxiety, back pain, body buzz, clear head, couch lock, depression, increased appetite, insomnia, muscle relaxant, nausea and many more. The various span of marijuana strains is as follows.

  • Dance World: Amazing strain for uplifting, when smoked induce spicy and fruity aroma. Beneficial for those who want discreet growth, less fragrance.
  • Euphoria: Widely available these days, favourite for energized lovers. Smoking fosters abundantly fruity and sweet smog. An astonishing whisk of 80% Indica plus 20% Sativa afford satisfactory relief against pain besides anxiousness along with additional euphoria rather less sleepiness. It is perfect strain for indoor yield, mostly preferred by the users who are new to medical marijuana patron.
  • Painkiller XL: Highly balanced concentration of THC and CBD. Impressively appreciable blend of 25% Indica and 75% Sativa. Preferably relief proved over various kinds of pain as well as mild mental disorders. Painkiller XL blossoms within eight leafhead_marijuana_strains_cannabis_strains_CBD_THC_medical_marijuanaweeks, plant measuring 80cm in length produces 500 to 520 gm of dried product.
  • Medical Mass: An offspring from INDICA parents, low THC level fruitage sweet, mild honey jolt bare effective in the case of nausea outdoors, for any psychological effects. It is highly recommended for new folks.

CBD Strains:

  • Amnesia Haze: Vigorous and potent strain with indoor yield. Most welcomed genetic hybrids of Holland. If you’re a creamy crop lover along with seasoned grower and smoker, then, you must stamp on Sativa hybrid haze.
  • OG Kush: Biologically, OG termed as “ocean grown” but pronounced as “original gangster”. It is a perfect blend of cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa, taste like citrus and smells like fuel. They both linger long after the first take, equally as psychedelic high.
  • White Widow: For decades white widow crops are famous for best cannabis seeds worldwide. White Widow blossom within nine weeks and grows well in cold but sunshine nature, also grown indoor under light source equals to 600W.


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    It’s nice to see some new CBD strains out there. These should be more and more available soon I’m sure.

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