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Bedibles are a specialty style of cannabis sugar cubes which are designed for use with baking as well as in various drinks. The company that creates them is based out of San Diego and the idea of the product is to change the way that patients can medicate.

The B-edibles productline first started with a series of cannabis infused candy such as their cotton candy which is built with organic cane sugar and 100 mg of THC. After realizing the popularity of their candy-based products, the company very quickly change their production line over to the process of building raw organic cane sugar.

Every B-edible product is produced using this organic sugar which is then combined with lab tested CO2 oil. The treats that are delivered are gluten, allergen free as well as non-GMO making the sugar perfectly acceptable for almost any type of baking or additive. Whether you are just looking for sugar for your coffee or you are interested in having a quality baking additive, this cannabis sugar product can really make dosing more discreet.

The way that Bedibles cannabis sugar controls the dosage within the sugar cubes is by adding small amounts of THC to every cube through CO2 cannabis oil. 2 g of organic sugar cane are mixed together for only 5 cal as well as a 10 mg THC dosage in every cube. This offers a discreet way to get a dose almost anywhere and the cubes can also easily be divided for doses that range between 5 mg to 2.5 mg. Cubes are designed to easily help the user find their ideal dosage. Medicated sugar cubes only carry a light taste of the herbal taste of cannabis. In most cases when added into coffee it’s tough to notice the difference. B-edibles are changing the way that people medicate and with healthier products.

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