Cannabis Retail Extension Program

leafhead provides comprehensive, multichannel marketing tools that safely and efficiently grow cannabis businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our unique media and optimization strategies get the most out of every media budget, and drive unprecedented results for our clients.

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Cannabis Businesses have very little resources to market and advertise their products and services within mainstream media. Overpriced listings that don’t offer successful marketing solutions and give you little to no ROI make it close to impossible to scale or compete with the competition. leafhead provides your business with comprehensive solutions that give you the best chance for competition, survival and economic growth. Real-time marketing strategies, identify your target audience, and provid measurable ROI needed to expand your green footprint in the Cannabis Industry.

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GET VISIBLE! With Digital Marketing Solutions For Your Business

Site Retargeting

Site Retargeting works by keeping track of people who visit your site and remarketing to them with online banner ads as they consume content throughout the web.

Mobile Geofencing

Consumers are spending an ever-growing amount of time on smartphones and tablets. Mobile Geo-fencing offers unique targeting capabilities and the ability to reach your audiences anywhere.

Display Prospecting

From full programmatic capabilities, to private marketplaces and direct publisher buys, leafhead leverages world-class buying power to give your business the baseline Digital Prospecting for optimum engagement.

Digital Video Advertising

leafhead is seamlessly connected to ALL of the major programmatic video exchanges, offering in-stream :15, :30, or :60-second spots. All of our standard display targeting capabilities give you the ability to create a full-funnel campaign that generates awareness and drives customer acquisition.