• Jason Burkhardt posted an update 7 months, 1 week ago

    Have learned so much from the Growers and Chemists as well as the Distributors … it has helped me so much and directed me to the Strains that would would help the most with the pain I am consistently in … as well as help in decisions in leafing some Opiods behind …. (I am a Hospice patient for various diseases …. I appreciate all the Info you offer for folks like us ….

    • Thank you for sharing @jason_burkhardt this is exactly what we are seeing in the industry. Our healthcare professionals are hesitant to include/suggest/even talk about cannabis as a part of their practice due to the federal implications on their medical licenses. Instead, patients rely on cannabis professionals to introduce and educate them on the medical benefits of cannabis. Nutritional value is just as important, so don’t leave out speaking with a Nutritionist @philosofarmacydotcom to ensure your comfort is also nutritious.