• lhm posted an update 5 months ago

    The #DEA just banned all #cbd products. How? Extractions have been taking the country by storm….and many have found relief in medicating with oil as an alternative to smoking flower. CBD oil is extracted from cannabis and is at center stage of this new development. CBD companies have been experiencing exponential growth as CBD is in high demand! We all know extractions are relatively new….and CBD companies have flown under the radar of the DEA because there was no mention of cannabis extracts in the DEA’s regulation of cannabis…until now. As of January 13, 2017 all #cannabis extracts will have a controlled substances number #7350 and is now officially regulated by the same schedule 1 classification that prohibits cannabis for use. What does that mean for extraction companies? The second you extract from the cannabis plant….you are committing a federal crime! #bho has always had its risks, but now added to those charges is the new #7350 classification on extracts and that affects all extraction manufacturers…including CO2 processors. This new ruling shakes things for the extraction industry and CBD communities but attorneys are saying the DEA is only able to carry-out laws and not create them. This process of creating a classification number for cannabis extracts is unlawful and cannabis attorneys are prepared to take this to court.