GenTech is a lab equipment company that does not just work within the cannabis industry but in the majority of analytical testing solutions. GenTech scientific supplies are produced under consistently skilled technicians that refurbish every product and inspect it before they are resold are sent out. GenTech focuses directly on the needs of every customer and can provide improvements to every customer in the form of more accurate equipment.

The company has extensive experience having been founded in the year 1996. With 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry alone the scientific equipment that the company provides for cannabis science can keep costs down and quality up. One of the top reasons that GenTech is such a trusted provider is their ability to deliver a series of warranties on all of their instruments as well as competitive financing options for interested parties who want to start up their cannabis labs immediately.

Refurbished supplies from MS instrumentation, HPLC and more are also available as part of the reseller program. GenTech is proud to be an ally to many new cannabis lab producers who are interested in researching the best types of instruments and technician support systems. GenTech acts as an ally to provide equipment for almost any type of instrumentation needs. Staff members understand just what is required to set up a quality lab equipment solution and how to deliver the finest in expertise for lab equipment.

All of the company’s equipment falls in line with testing requirements and local regulations. From their arcade New York factories and laboratories they can work at setting up all the applicable equipment early on so that items can just be unpacked and set up ready for use.

Whether you are starting a cannabis laboratory or thinking of growing your own cannabis products, GenTech lab equipment is industry-standard testing equipment for the cannabis industry.



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