Coach’s iHemp Revolution Road Show

Support Coach Freddie and iHemp Revolution Road Show! Coach Freddie is the host of the iHemp Revolution podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. He is the Director of the Caribbean Hemp Association and Ambassador on the Hemp Road Trip and Head Coach for the iHemp Revolution Coaching Events. Coach is the principal driver of the iHemp Revolution Road Show! Coach Freddie and The iHemp Revolution Road Show starts in June and he will be driving his 1966 Austin Healey 3000 Classic Car starting out from Pittsburgh PA and going to Kentucky and North Carolina and most of the states between Vermont and Alabama. His first event is in Lexington Kentucky, “Hemp In The Holler”, where he will be the Master of Ceremony for this “Story Telling Event” hosted by Mike Lewis on his Kentucky farm. On The Road Again. Coach Freddie will be traveling for 3 months, June, July, and August, and possibly into September to educate people and talk about the many uses of industrial hemp (iHemp) and discuss the benefits of growing and using industrial hemp for people, planet and profit, and to help spread the truth about hemp and help get it legalized at the federal level so farmers all across the US can start to grow iHemp (industrial hemp) again. Coach will be speaking at two day events like HempX in Asheville NC, and participating at iHemp association meetings, hemp networking meetings, business groups, individual businesses and quite a few social events. Freddie’s topic is: iHemp and The Triple Bottom Line; People, Planet and Profit; How To Stay Inspired To Build A Business And A Lifestyle Beyond Your Wildest Dreams! Your donations will help to keep the iHemp Revolution Road Show on the road and will ultimately help to build one of the largest industries this country has ever seen. There are 25,000 uses for hemp and counting; food, clothing, building houses, cars, fuel, plastics, medicines and many more. And it’s Bringing Back The American Dream. Farmers can once again be proud of what they grow. A crop the rejuvenates the soil and requires no pesticides or herbicides. Become part of the iHemp Revolution Tribe! Coach Freddie: Inspiring people to do things that inspire them!