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Moxie Meds

Although Moxie Meds is still a relatively small company, they are improving in value thanks to their social reach. The company is based out of Oakland, California and since they have launched they have developed a number of patents and regulations for medication adherence. These changes in the industry make them a true standout.

Moxie Meds

Moxie Meds offers a CBD and THC formula

Moxie Meds have a unique business model as they are targeted specifically to women and for a number of regular use strategies. These products are marketed to be of help to nearly every woman and for a wide range of symptoms. With the mass appeal of this product, it could continue to see financial success in distribution.

Moxie Meds are also investing in ongoing medical testing for the products that they are developing which is only continuing to drive support towards their company. By offering definitive proof that their products can deliver an improvement for women for a variety of symptoms it is no wonder that they are receiving featured news and starting to gain more investment power. Through placebo controlled studies and other planned medical research Moxie Meds will work at developing and marketing formulas for women to benefit into the future. 

It is this type of ambition that is getting Moxie Meds recognized in magazines like Cosmopolitan, news media channels, and their research has been applauded in international markets like Mexico. Through new highlighted support in the media and the ambition of the founder Jessica Peters, the company will continue to push forward with clinical trials, seek investments and become the main brand associated with women and Cannabinoids.


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