Precision is the company that manufactures the cannabis extraction equipment which are responsible for high quality cannabis concentrates. The company has showcases and corporate headquarters in Royal Oak Michigan as well as Costa Mesa California. Precision as a company delivers training and support for all types of cannabis oil extraction methods in the United States utilizing their engineered systems. Precision's extraction equipment is the cannabis extraction solution designed to preserve materials using the best quality equipment.

Precision Cannabis Extraction Equipment

The revolutionary PX1 processes up to 5 lbs of material in less than 30 minutes.

Every piece of Precision's cannabis extraction equipment is certified compliant under Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, Colorado, Maryland, Nevada and Illinois state law. The company also provides direct support for international dispensaries in areas like Uruguay, Spain, Canada and Mexico.

The cannabis concentrates that Precision extraction machines have created are now award-winning. The concentrates that they produce focus on material preservation ensuring that the cannabis smell and flavor are actually preserved even in the concentrated solutions and extractions that come out of the machine.

The company produces a wide range of cannabis extraction equipment that is capable of delivering support in producing CBD oil, shatter products and more. Today the company continues to sell their equipment to dispensaries, cannabis concentrate manufacturers,  as well as cannabis growers so they can produce their own cannabis products for the benefits of individuals around the world. Cannabis extracts are a big part of the cannabis industry and by having a manufacturer that is consistently producing compliant extraction machines, it is possible to enjoy an improved level of products in every compliance date as well as a company that is committed to continuing its engineering into the future to improve the efficiency of extraction as well.

Precision cannabis extraction equipment deserves notoriety from leafhead as a trusted supplier and cannabis brand for following all cannabis regulations as well as helping other cannabusinesses worldwide.


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