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Scorpion 420

Scorpion 420 is a cannabis community and a trusted supplier of a variety of cannabis products. Currently Scorpion 420 provides a number of different drinks, seeds, oils and products which are delivered in a dedicated supply to many legal dispensaries across the United States. For cannabis products and services the company is expanding its reach throughout a number of areas where marijuana is becoming legal internationally.

One of the biggest aspects of the Scorpion 420 business model is creating transparency and traceability from the aspect of every seed sale into the products that it eventually ends up creating. Scorpion 420 strongly believes in creating a line of traceability with the product and plant design as well as a commitment to bio growing and organic growth methods.

Scorpion 420

Scorpion 420 offers a variety of products to fit your medicating needs.

What this eventually means is through the dedication of Scorpion 420 professionals, the products that you received anywhere in the world from this company will be the same. Partners in the brand are committed to delivering the same type of cannabis testing and traceability within their cannabis community.

As a cannabusiness they are one of the very best at creating testing methods for the future of their product. Currently scorpion has a number of different edibles as well as their apparel, oil and seeds. The drinks are particularly interesting as they work almost like an energy shot. The scorpion coffee for example can deliver a high-powered energy boost through a sativa strain that is high-powered and distilled into a coffee shot. Some of the seeds that Scorpion 420 also has worked at creating include strains called delinquent OG, garlic cheese, honey OG and their super lemon Jack. Their Scorpion Venom is a strain specific and tested organic grown cannabis oil that can contain up to 400 mg of THC per order. Leafhead trust the products from this company and commends Scorpion 420 for their commitment to traceability and transparency!


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