Support the Roots: Sasquash Heat Press

Support the Roots: Sasquash Heat Press

If you spilled rubbing alcohol on your food and wait for it to dry would you assume it is safe to consume? It’s the same concept with solvents in your concentrates.

If you consume edibles you’re probably aware of trace elements of solvents like BHO and CO2 existing in the final product, any detailed lab test will reveal these findings. However a more health conscious product has hit the market and is separating itself from the traditional solvent based concentrates. Its Rosin, the all natural, solvent free cannabis oil that is extracted from cannabis by simply using a heat press!

Traditional extractions utilize solvents and pain staking hours that put the manufacturer in a health and safety risk, however a more health conscience product has hit the market, separating itself from the traditional solvent-based high risk low-reward business model of manufacturing concentrates.

This method utilizes the technique of applying heat and pressure to cured and drived flower by pressing the flower into an end product with a fragrant aroma and a brilliant flavor unlike any other. This process also eliminates contaminants found in solvents thus making Rosin the solvent-less healthier choice for medicating. the roots.sasquash

Support the Roots compound is in a secure location providing a safe environment for clients.

We were invited to Murrietta, California to see a group of young entrepreneurs in action with something they call the “Sasquash”. The Sasquash is a custom industrial heat press used to extract cannabis oil without the use of solvents, creating a new standard for the production of health conscience cannabis oil in the United States. the roots

Support the Roots team from left to right, Victoria, Matt and Joel

Spear heading the revolution for safer manufacturing processes for concentrates are Matt and Joel of “Support the Roots”, a family owned business focusing on an organic way of life by promoting healthy living with the “Sasquash”. I knew these guys were on to something when the interview was constantly interrupted by orders that needed to be filled. With only 2 months in business, the team can not keep up with production and expansion is inevitable proving that cannabis patients are in search for a more organic product to treat their ailments. Victoria from Support the Roots shared her excitement, “from the moment we opened up people from all over the world have ordered from us. It feels good knowing that we can help people from around the world with our ideas!” If business keeps the pace I could definitely see these guys on the cover of Culture.

Seeing the “Sasquash” work in person was as unbelievable as the 21% yield I witnessed extracted from nugs of Holy Grail. The other amazing part is there is no purge time included in this process! Matt was kind enough to demonstrate the Sasquash in this video to educate the leafhead network how it works.

How it works:

This fully welded, mild steel machine heats two panels and uses a 20ton air hydraulic feature that presses the flower at 80-100 psi for 6-10 seconds. The heat and pressure process converts all of the benefits of cannabis into a cannabis oil form.

The Sasquash is causing a shift in the market of concentrates and is the only healthy mean of extraction for consumption in the medical cannabis community. The unique benefit brought on by this technique is unparalleled. Due to the outlawing of BHO and other substances containing contaminates the good people at Support the Roots predict the entire industry will be solvent-less by 2017.


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