Top Cannabis Tour Destinations

Top Cannabis Tour Destinations

Ever thought about a Marijuana Tour? Marijuana Tours have gained huge popularity in the world. The U.S. has legalized marijuana and allows it for recreational use. According to 2014’s survey reports Colorado and Washington are in leading position of adult-use marijuana, and 2014 has been a most important year for American marijuana legalization movement.

There are various amazing places in the world that each marijuana enthusiast should visit. So these places are recognized as the most visited marijuana destinations. Here is a list of the top 5 destinations for marijuana tours that are evaluated for beauty, attractiveness, friendliness, and laws.

  1. Denver, Colorado
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Marijuana Tours include an array of activities including live cooking demonstrations from real Marijuana Chefs.

Denver, Colorado is known as the Mecca for marijuana where users of Cannabis are recreationally legalized. The marijuana enthusiast can purchase up to 7 grams of consumable marijuana every day in Denver. But the purchaser should use proper identification while purchasing it. That’s why this city has become the most important cannabis-business hub with numerous leading industries.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The list of marijuana tour destinations cannot be complete without naming Amsterdam, the biggest city in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is known as the Holy City for Marijuana users. Due to its attractive marijuana culture, most of the marijuana culture wants to visits this amazing place.

  1. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is one of the beautiful cities of Washington. Before Cannabis festivals were fashionable all over the world, this city has started hosting the Seattle Hemp Fest. Full of life and acceptance for the cannabis culture, the state of Washington is leading the industrialization of Cannabis on the West Coast. Everything from Marijuana infused restaurants to painting classes and growing instruction, this marijuana hub has it all!

  1. Barcelona, Spain
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Take tours through Grows and learn about the science behind Marijuana Cultivation.

Spain is one of the first nations in Europe to decriminalize marijuana. Marijuana legalization law allows the Marijuana enthusiast of Spain to grow as well as use marijuana for recreational purpose. But it is also true that the user cannot use marijuana publicly like smoking, purchasing and selling marijuana openly. In Barcelona, users will be able to possess’ only 40 grams marijuana legally. Apart from marijuana legalization, Barcelona is one of the beautiful places of Spain with attractive culture, picturesque beaches, and intricate architecture.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is another marijuana-friendly place in Europe. As the Czech Republic is one of the most cannabis friendly nations in the Globe. In the Czech Republic, most of the drugs are decriminalized including Ecstasy, LSD, speed and cannabis. It is a good news for Marijuana users that they are allowed to possess a minimum of five marijuana plants in their home. Apart from this user can possess up to 15 grams marijuana personally.


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