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TreatWell is a cannabis company that has developed a wide range of tinctures based off of THC and CBD which are perfect for managing the symptoms of chronic pain, epilepsy and more. Taking it to the next level of science and research, TreatWell has developed tinctures with non psychoactive compounds like CBDA and THCA which have shown to also have medicinal benefits. Considered a preferred method of medicating, rather than having to take an edible, use a vaporizer or some other dosage method, tinctures are designed to be a much more discreet solution for many users providing relief in just a few drops as needed.


TreatWell is also available in Non Psychoactive formulas.

In addition to treating humans, TreatWell is revolutionizing veterinarian medicine with the development of high quality tinctures for use with animals. A wealth of these products are becoming available for dogs, cats and even reptiles. These tinctures can provide relief for a wide range of symptoms  in animals and theres education available for pet owners. If a pet is sick or they regularly experience problems with chronic pain, it may be possible for a pet owner to regularly provide easy doses from these specially created tinctures. The products can be easily applied to food and they will generate some huge improvements as the formulas continue their development.

With new whole plant extracts, CBD, CBDA, THCA, THC and animal extracts planned, the research and development aspect of Treatwell involves creating social changes in cannabis use for animals and more discreet dosing for adults treating with cannabis. For their efforts they have recently won a 2016 emerald cup and they are also working to build up a wealth of new treatments that could win other future awards too! Their customer service department is very knowledgeable if there are questions surrounding their products as well!


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