Vaping Companies in Oregon

Vaping Companies in Oregon

When it comes to cannabis consumption, Vaping companies got it right as one of the fastest growing methods of medicating is vaping. Vaping is a relatively new way of consuming cannabis but is quickly becoming the preferred method to many newcomers as well as seasoned cannabis consumers. There are many different products that can be vaporized as well as many different goods and gadgets that can deliver this vapor to your system. Whether you prefer vaping dry flowers or cannabis concentrates, there are many different companies in Oregon that can supply you with what you need. Let’s take a look at a few of the best cannabis vapor shops in the state of Oregon.

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Vaping is becoming a popular trend amongst all groups.

Vape Oregon

Vape Oregon LLC has quickly become Oregon’s favorite vaping companies. The Oregon LLC pride themselves on offering high-quality vaporizer devices that are safe while bringing you the latest innovations and technologies. Vape Oregon is known as being the company with the highest quality and the best customer service available for vaporizer products in Oregon by the fans of the High Times Cannabis Cup. Vape Oregon provides their customers with a great selection of some of the highest quality vaporizer kits and atomizers on the market today. They have top of the line devices for every Cannabis consumer whether it is recreational dry herb vaping that you like or if you are a medical patient vaping shatter for the high THC content, Vape Oregon has the devices that you need.

Dr. Jolly’s

Dr. Jolly’s cannabis dispensary in Bend Oregon won first place in the BHO category for the Oregon concentrate challenge. Vaping companies like Dr. Jolly’s pride themselves on their state-of-the-art lab where they specialize in closed loop extraction methods and the use of high purity solvents. The team at Dr. Jolly’s are highly knowledgeable in hydrocarbon concentrates. Their team makes some of the highest quality concentrate products and purest extracts available on the Oregon market today. They have cannabis concentrates for every taste all the way from solventless to live resins. Dr. Jolly’s also has their very own brand of shatter vaporizer cartridges. They also keep a great stock variety of marijuana concentrates made by some of the finest manufacturers in the state. Whether you prefer a pure and clear shatter or a high THC vapor oil, the team at Dr. Jolly’s has your cannabis concentrate needs covered. In addition, to high quality and pure cannabis extracts. Dr. Jolly’s also offers a wide selection of cannabis flowers, edibles, and topicals.

Lunchbox Alchemy

Vaping companies like Lunchbox Alchemy are widely diverse in different extraction methods. Their Lunchbox PHO uses propane in the extraction process and produces a medical grade and chemically pure cannabis concentrate. PHO concentrates have proven to be a very versatile product for medical relief from many different ailments. This type of extraction also retains a very potent terpene profile. Lunchbox Alchemy also offers cannabinoid oils produced from an alcohol extraction method similar to the method made famous by Rick Simpson. Lunchbox Alchemy also offers BHO products that are what many of the great concentrate names that you may have heard of are including wax, dabs, shatter and butane hash oil. In the making of their BHO products, they use closed loop extraction methods as to produce a high quality and pure product that will bring the most medical benefits possible to consumers. You can find Lunchbox Alchemy concentrates in over 100 different dispensaries throughout the state of Oregon.


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