Wee Farms

Wee Farms is a company that is attempting to model what craft beer has done for the brewing industry with recreational cannabis. Wee Farms is primarily a recreational cannabis growth company in Oregon and their main goal has always been to produce a product that is better to use and more potent. The company uses extremely clean and sustainable growing methods within the industry to bring a better product that is quickly gaining traction as one of the best products for use in Oregon.

Products and services from Wee Farms are sourced from local sources and the entire company is Wee Farmsseen as a clean green certified producer for cannabis. Not only is the company extremely dedicated to environmentalism for creating an improved product, but they want to reduce their carbon footprint as they are crafting high quality cannabis products too. The products that they create are done so using renewable energy and the cannabis strains that are produced have some of the minimum effects environmentally for growth.

Wee farms has its own unique strains that it has developed for their potency as well as their growth yield in many conditions. Through the development of these products the company is drawing in a crowd that is interested in a group of products that is of a much higher quality than they are used to finding at local dispensaries.

In Oregon customers are now having a wealth of choice when it comes to recreational and medical cannabis products. This company is changing the market and ensuring that there is now a true craft and environmentally friendly market for cannabis products. This movement is uniting recreational users and medical users bringing up the overall variety in the industry along with improvements in quality standards. If you care about your cannabis, get to know Wee Farms.


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